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Elementor Pro offers a range of features that enable users to design and build their websites without requiring extensive coding knowledge or technical expertise.

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Elementor Pro is a popular WordPress plugin designed to help users create and customize websites with ease, particularly focusing on page and post layouts. It enhances the functionality of the free Elementor page builder plugin by adding advanced features and capabilities. Please note that there might have been developments or changes since then. Here's a general description of Elementor Pro based on information available up to September 2021: Elementor Pro offers a range of features that enable users to design and build their websites without requiring extensive coding knowledge or technical expertise. Some key features of Elementor Pro include: Theme Builder: Elementor Pro allows users to create custom templates for different parts of their website, including headers, footers, single posts, archive pages, and more. This feature provides advanced customization options beyond what the default WordPress theme customization options offer. Popup Builder: With the Popup Builder, users can create various types of popups, such as subscription forms, announcements, and promotions, which can be displayed on specific triggers or conditions. This is useful for capturing user engagement and growing mailing lists. WooCommerce Integration: For those running online stores with WooCommerce, Elementor Pro offers dedicated widgets and features that enable you to design product pages, shopping carts, and checkout pages with a high level of customization. Dynamic Content: This feature allows you to display dynamic content from your WordPress database, such as post lists, post metadata, or custom fields. It's particularly useful for creating dynamic layouts for archive pages or custom post types. Forms Builder: While the free version of Elementor offers basic form functionality, Elementor Pro provides more advanced form building tools. You can create forms with various input fields, integrate them with email marketing services, and customize the form design to match your site's style. Advanced Widgets: Elementor Pro introduces additional widgets beyond what the free version offers. These widgets provide more design and layout options for elements like galleries, slideshows, pricing tables, and more. Motion Effects and Interactions: Elementor Pro enables you to add animations and interactions to your website elements, creating dynamic and engaging user experiences. Global Widgets: You can create global widgets, which are reusable design elements that can be placed on multiple pages. This ensures consistent design elements throughout your site. Custom CSS: While Elementor provides a visual interface for design, Elementor Pro also offers a custom CSS feature for those who want to fine-tune their designs with code. Support and Updates: Elementor Pro comes with access to premium support and regular updates that ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress.

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